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Dan a.
We are mostly happy with the service we have received. It has been professional and caring. We would have like more information shared with... read more
Rammah T. Avatar
Rammah T.
- Google
Is good company sold my house at them
Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.
- Google
Sid Lezamiz sold my mothers home. I have sold a number of homes in the past and the experience we had with Sid was... read more
Tim S. Avatar
Tim S.
- Google
It's a great place! People are real good. What to say thank.
Austin H. Avatar
Austin H.
- Google
Working with Sid and his team was extremely easy. They were very responsive and got back to us in a timely manner.
Madison H. Avatar
Madison H.
- Google
So helpful and friendly!
Michael a.
Sid was a very good realtor, what we asked him to do he did. We got the amount that we wanted and everything went real... read more
scott v. Avatar
scott v.
- Google
Sid works very hard to get the job done! We had used Sid to sell our previous house and purchase this house. The whole process... read more
Heber and Rosalie Kirkland Avatar
Heber a.
We really enjoyed working with Sid as he bought our townhouse. He was very helpful and we appreciated that he came directly to our... read more
Mary K. Avatar
Mary K.
- Google
Very nice
- Google
Great place
William B. Avatar
William B.
- Google
Sid was great. He ensured we understood every inch of the process
Amy B. Avatar
Amy B.
- Google
Great team! Was a pleasure to work with.
Mark Keith Avatar
Mark K.
- Google
I Was extremely pleased with Sid and his team in selling my property. They made my experience easy as I was out if state... read more
Jeanie Brooks Avatar
Jeanie B.
- Google
The best decision I could have made was getting Lezamiz Real Estate to sell my house. They handled every aspect of the process including the... read more