Stylized artistic representation of a housing market with a variety of abstract houses and buildings in a monochromatic scheme with red accents, symbolizing a diverse selection of homes for sale.

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At Lezamiz Real Estate Co., we’re thrilled you’re exploring the different types of homes available, and we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey. “Homes”, covers a wide range of properties, from cozy cottages and spacious family Houses With Acreage Land to sleek modern Townhouses and luxurious Condos. We also provide information on Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes, as well as Homes With Recreational Land, and Vacation Timeshares.

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Our diverse listings are designed to cater to all tastes and lifestyles, ensuring that you can find a home that matches your unique needs and goals. We understand that finding the perfect home is about aligning your aspirations with the right type of property. That’s why we offer a wealth of Homes Resources to help you navigate this exciting process, guiding you towards a home that will best suit your vision for the future.

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Southern Idaho’s Homes Market


Stylized artistic representation of a housing market with a variety of abstract houses and buildings in a monochromatic scheme with red accents, symbolizing a diverse selection of homes for sale.


Abstract art of houses for sale featuring geometric shapes and lines in a red and black color scheme.

“A House becomes a home where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends.”

What's a House?

A house is typically a single-family dwelling with its own land, offering privacy and space not commonly found in multi-residence buildings like condos or apartments. Ownership includes the structure and the land it sits on, providing owners the freedom to modify or expand as they see fit. Houses come with the benefits of privacy, potential for personalization, and typically, more living space both indoors and out. The drawbacks include higher purchase prices, maintenance responsibilities, and, depending on location, possibly longer commutes to city centers.

For a comprehensive look at Houses; Ownership, Selling, and Buying a house, we are providing details on the freedom of personal space, the joys of property customization, and answers to common questions about independent living, we invite you to explore “The House Guides“.

Selling a House?

Selling your house in today’s market means capturing the essence of what makes your home special. From staging to pricing, every detail counts in attracting potential buyers. Tailoring your selling strategy to highlight your home’s best features can lead to a successful sale. For expert advice on selling your house, head over to our ‘House Selling Guide’ page.

Buying a House?

The journey to buying a house is filled with possibilities and decisions, from choosing the right location to finding the perfect layout to call home. Understanding the buying process and what to look for in your future house is crucial. For a comprehensive guide to buying a house, our ‘House Buying Guide’ offers valuable insights and tips.

Houses With Acreage Land

Stylized artistic representation of houses with acreage land for sale, featuring a prominent house amidst abstract, swirling patterns of black, red, and white lines, conveying a sense of spaciousness and movement.

“A House With Acreage Land is a home when the vastness of the land amplifies the comfort of the hearth.”

What's a House With Acreage Land?

A house with acreage land refers to a standalone residential property that comes with a significant amount of land, usually on the outskirts of urban areas. This setup offers homeowners vast space for privacy, agriculture, or recreational use, ideal for those looking to live a more rural lifestyle. The acreage provides a buffer from neighbors and a connection to the land, but it also requires substantial maintenance and can entail a higher initial investment. The trade-offs are space and privacy against the costs and efforts of land management.

For an extensive exploration of Houses with Acreage Land, uncovering the benefits of expansive property ownership, the tranquility of rural living, and answering prevalent inquiries about spacious land management, we encourage you to dive into “The House with Acreage Land Guides“.

Selling a House With Acreage Land?

Selling a house with acreage land requires highlighting the value of both the home and the expansive property it sits on. Showcasing the potential for privacy, agriculture, or recreational use can attract buyers looking for space and freedom. Discover effective selling techniques on our ‘Selling Houses with Acreage Land’ page.

Buying a House With Acreage Land?

Buying a house with acreage land is an exciting prospect for those dreaming of spacious living and a connection to the outdoors. Whether you’re envisioning a peaceful retreat or a place to cultivate, knowing how to find the right acreage is key. For advice on purchasing houses with acreage land, visit our ‘Buying Houses with Acreage Land’ page.


Abstract representation of a row of modern two-level townhouses with bold black and red lines on a white background.

A Townhouse strikes a balance between the independence of a single-family home and the convenience of condo living.

What's a Townhouse?

A townhouse is a multi-floor home that shares one or two walls with adjacent properties but with its own private entrance. Townhouses offer a middle ground between condos and detached homes, providing more space and privacy than the former, without the extensive maintenance and higher costs of the latter. Owners usually own both the interior and the exterior of the unit, including any yard or roof space. However, like condos, they often come with HOA fees and less autonomy over property changes due to community rules.

For a detailed exploration of Townhouse living, emphasizing the blend of community and privacy, the ease of maintenance, and addressing common questions about townhome ownership, we invite you to investigate “The Townhouse Guides“.

Selling a Townhouse?

Selling a townhouse involves showcasing the balance of private living with the benefits of community amenities. Highlighting the unique features of your townhouse, from layout to location, can attract the right buyers. For strategies on effectively selling your townhouse, dive into our ‘Selling a Townhouse’ page.

Buying a Townhouse?

Buying a townhouse combines the perks of homeownership with the convenience of community living. Whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing, understanding what to look for in a townhouse is essential. For a detailed buying guide, our ‘Townhouse Buying Insights’ page has everything you need.

Mobile Homes

Graphic image of a mobile home with pronounced black and red stripes against a white background.

A Mobile Home offers an economical path to homeownership, ideal for those seeking an affordable living option.”

What's a Mobile Home?

A mobile home, similar to a manufactured home, is built offsite and transported to its living location but is designed for more permanent placement. Traditionally seen as less permanent and with a stigma of lower quality, today’s mobile homes are built to high standards with amenities that can rival traditional homes. The major benefits include affordability and mobility, though the latter is less common once the home is set up. Drawbacks include potential depreciation, difficulty in financing, and sometimes, restrictive community rules.

For an in-depth analysis of Mobile Home life, examining the benefits of cost-effective living, the convenience of relocatability, and common inquiries about mobile housing, we encourage you to discover “The Mobile Home Guides“.

Selling a Mobile Home?

Selling a mobile home requires a focused approach to highlight the benefits of mobile living, from affordability to flexibility. Understanding the needs of potential buyers and marketing accordingly can help secure a successful sale. For more on selling your mobile home, visit our ‘Mobile Home Selling Guide’ page.

Buying a Mobile Home?

Buying a mobile home can be an exciting step towards affordable and flexible living. With options ranging from community parks to private land, finding the right mobile home requires careful consideration. Explore our ‘Buying a Mobile Home’ page for insights into making an informed purchase.


Abstract illustration of 'Condos For Sale', a stylized architectural complex with monochromatic buildings accented in red.

“Condos provide a blend of convenience and lifestyle to make a home, perfect for those who love city life.

What's a Condo?

A condo, or condominium, is a private residence within a larger building or complex, owned by an individual. Unlike apartments, which are leased, condos are owned outright, giving the owner the deed to the interior space while sharing common areas such as pools, gyms, and hallways with other residents. This communal lifestyle means less maintenance and responsibility for the individual owner but comes with the trade-off of monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) fees and closer quarters with neighbors. Condos are ideal for those who seek a low-maintenance home with access to amenities and who value community living over the privacy and land ownership that comes with traditional houses.

For an in-depth exploration of Condo living, highlighting the perks of community amenities, the convenience of maintenance-free living, and common inquiries about condominium ownership, we invite you to delve into “The Condo Guides“.



Selling a Condo?

If you’re considering selling your condo, navigating the market requires insight into current trends and understanding what makes your property stand out. From highlighting your condo’s unique amenities to effectively marketing your community’s lifestyle, positioning your property effectively can maximize your sale potential. For further information on successfully selling your condo, visit our ‘Condo Selling Insights’ page.

Buying a Condo?

Buying a condo introduces you to a world of convenience and community living unlike any other. Whether you’re drawn to the low maintenance lifestyle, the array of on-site amenities, or the vibrant community atmosphere, finding the right condo can be a fulfilling journey. To navigate the condo buying process with ease, check out our ‘Guide to Buying a Condo’ for detailed advice and insights.


Manufactured Homes

Illustration of a manufactured home with bold black outlines and bright red stripes on a white background.

A Manufactured Home is the evolution of affordable housing, modern amenities, and designs.

What's a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes are pre-fabricated houses built in a factory and then transported to a chosen site for assembly. They offer affordability and flexibility in location, often seen as a cost-effective alternative to traditional stick-built homes. These homes can come in various sizes, from modest single-section units to more spacious multi-section designs. While they offer the benefit of lower costs and quicker setup times, they may depreciate in value over time and can come with constraints on customization and location, depending on zoning laws and community regulations.

For a detailed guide to Manufactured Home living, discussing the affordability and flexibility of prefabricated housing, the advantages of community settings, and tackling frequently asked questions about manufactured home lifestyle, we invite you to peruse “The Manufactured Home Guides“.

Selling a Manufactured Home?

Selling your manufactured home involves understanding its unique selling points and the specific market trends. Highlighting affordability, community amenities, and the quality of construction can appeal to potential buyers. For tailored strategies on selling your manufactured home, check out our ‘Selling Manufactured Homes’ page.

Buying a Manufactured Home?

Buying a manufactured home offers a path to homeownership that is both affordable and customizable. Whether you’re looking for a community setting or a standalone property, navigating the options is crucial. For detailed insights into buying a manufactured home, our ‘Guide to Buying Manufactured Homes’ is an invaluable resource.

Homes With Recreational Land

Abstract black and white illustration of a cabin and pine trees with red artistic elements, symbolizing homes with recreational land for sale.

“Homes With Recreational Land are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.​

What's a Home With Recreational Land?

A home with recreational land offers its owners private access to land that’s suited for leisure activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, or equestrian pursuits. This type of property combines the comfort of residential living with the luxury of expansive outdoor space, offering a unique blend of home comfort and adventure right at your doorstep. While the vast space allows for privacy, outdoor activities, and potential for development, it also demands significant maintenance and care, possibly including land management and upkeep costs. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or those looking to cultivate a closer connection with nature.

For an in-depth journey into Homes with Recreational Land, offering insights on ownership advantages, lifestyle benefits, and frequently asked questions about living amidst nature’s playground, we invite you to delve into “The Home with Recreational Land Guides“.

Selling a Home With Recreational Land?

Selling a home with recreational land presents a unique opportunity to connect with buyers looking for their own slice of outdoor paradise. Highlighting the features that make your property a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor activities can set your listing apart. For comprehensive strategies on selling your recreational land home, explore our ‘Selling Homes with Recreational Land’ page.

Buying a Home With Recreational Land?

Embarking on the purchase of a home with recreational land opens the door to endless outdoor adventures right in your backyard. From serene landscapes to private access to nature’s playground, understanding how to find the perfect property is key. For insights into buying homes with recreational land, visit our ‘Buying Homes with Recreational Land’ page for more information.

Vacation Timeshares

Stylized graphic of a vacation timeshare complex with skiers, showcasing modern black and red designs against a mountain backdrop.

A Vacation Timeshare offers the opportunity to own a home in popular resort destinations.

What's a Vacation Timeshare?

A vacation timeshare is a property with a divided form of ownership or use rights. These properties are typically resort condominium units, with multiple parties holding rights to use the property for a specific period annually. Timeshares allow individuals to own a slice of a vacation property without the full cost and responsibility of outright ownership. While offering the allure of guaranteed vacation spots and potential savings on accommodations over time, they come with annual maintenance fees, lack of flexibility, and the challenge of reselling timeshare interests.

For an insightful look into Vacation Timeshares, highlighting the joy of holiday property sharing, the benefits of vacation ownership, and addressing frequently asked questions about timeshare investments, we welcome you to explore “The Vacation Timeshare Guides“.

Selling a Vacation Timeshare?

Selling a vacation timeshare involves navigating a niche market with potential buyers looking for holiday property ownership. Highlighting the benefits and flexibility of timeshare vacations can be key to a successful sale. For expert advice on selling your timeshare, explore our ‘Vacation Timeshare Selling Guide’.

Buying a Vacation Timeshare?

Buying a vacation timeshare offers the allure of guaranteed vacation spots and the potential for savings on future holidays. Understanding the commitments and benefits is crucial for making an informed decision. For comprehensive insights into buying a vacation timeshare, visit our ‘Guide to Buying Vacation Timeshares’ page.