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Accessibility Commitment

At Lezamiz Real Estate Co. we are deeply committed to creating an inclusive digital environment that is accessible to all users, including those with alternative methods of consumption of digital media. Ensuring our digital content is accessible to people of all kinds is not just a priority; it is a core value of our organization.

Coming Soon: Enhanced Accessibility Testing

We are excited to announce that comprehensive accessibility testing is on the horizon. Our dedicated team is currently in the development phase of implementing advanced testing protocols to further enhance the usability of our websites.

Our Approach

The journey to full accessibility is ongoing and involves continuous improvement. Developing new features, integrating accessibility into our design, and conducting thorough testing are intricate processes that require time, attention to detail, and often, substantial code modifications.

We are committed to this process, knowing that it is essential. Our team is working diligently to ensure that our accessibility enhancements meet the highest standards of compliance and usability.


Given the complexity of these enhancements, we are taking the necessary time to ensure that our efforts are both effective and sustainable. While we are unable to provide a specific launch date at this time, please know that we are making every effort to implement these important changes as swiftly as possible.

Stay Informed

We understand the importance of transparency and communication in this process. We will provide updates on our progress and anticipated timelines as they become available.

Your Feedback Matters

As we work towards improving accessibility, your feedback is invaluable. If you have suggestions, encounter any barriers, or would like to share your experience using our site, please contact us. Your insights are crucial in guiding our efforts and making our site more accessible to everyone.

A symbolic representation of commitment to digital accessibility, featuring an open door leading to a digital landscape, pathway lights, and hands reaching towards each other in red and black.

Accessibility Feedback