Brent Lierman

Brent Lierman - The Buyer Specialist A Twin Falls Realtor

“Being a Buyer’s Agent is more than just a job; it’s about being a part of someone’s journey to finding their perfect home. For me, it’s about understanding each family’s unique story and needs, ensuring they not only find a house but a community where they can truly belong and thrive. Every day, I get to help weave dreams into realities, and that’s incredibly fulfilling.” — Krystal Warburton

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Eva W.
We moved from Washington state. My brother who lives in Gooding Idaho bought his house thru Lezamiz real estate so he recommended we use them. Our agent, Krystal Warburton, was FANTASTIC! She responded quickly to any questions, situations and problems that arose. She even called us several times while out of town over a holiday to help us through situations. I will be forever grateful for the efforts Lezamiz real estate and Krystal Warburton!

Generational Ties to Magic Valley

Brent’s local family roots run incredibly deep in the Magic Valley, stretching back over 150 years. This profound connection to the area is showcased by the history of his family home. Built in 1898 on the family farm, the house is a testament to the family’s longstanding presence and has undergone more than five renovations to preserve its character and history.

Brent’s background is firmly rooted in agriculture, a sector he knows intimately. His vast experience and understanding of the agricultural landscape have been pivotal in his career. This deep-rooted knowledge comes not only from his family history but also through his active engagement in the field. He has leveraged this background to found several companies, with Bridge Communication being one of the notable ones.

Historical Family Home

Agricultural Expertise and Entrepreneurial Ventures

His guiding principle in life and business is “moving to an act of goodness.” This philosophy shapes all of his decisions and has been the cornerstone of his relationships, both personal and professional. It reflects his commitment to integrity and ethics, which are crucial in both his business dealings and personal connections.

Professionally, Brent’s extensive knowledge of agriculture gives him a unique advantage in his Real Estate career. He understands not just the land and its potential but also the people who work it. This unique perspective makes him particularly adept at handling real estate transactions in agricultural communities, where he can relate to and understand the specific needs and values of his clients.

Guiding Principle of Goodness

Personal Life and Partnerships

On a personal note, Brent is happily married to Leslie, who is both beautiful and talented. Their partnership is a source of strength and joy in his life, further enriching his community ties and personal fulfillment. Together, they embody the family values and community spirit that Brent cherishes deeply.