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“Our realtors’ diverse backgrounds and commitment to excellence allow us to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships in Twin Falls and beyond.“ – Sid Lezamiz


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Victory H.
I had to fire my first realtor that I carried for almost 6 months did not sell my house and then I hired Sid and he got the job done within two months Sid did it again
Abstract depiction of diverse real estate agents as silhouettes with a background of cityscapes and residential areas, symbolizing their deep connections within the community.

Who Are Our REALTORS®?

At Lezamiz Real Estate Company, our team of realtors stands out with a diverse background and deep connections to the Magic Valley. Each member of our team, Sid, Ricki, Krystal, April, and Brent, bring a unique set of skills and personal experiences that enrich their professional roles. These individual profiles provide a glimpse into not just their professional qualifications but also their personal lives, which deeply intertwine with their work in real estate. Our realtors® are more than agents; they are integral members of their communities, deeply invested in the well-being and satisfaction of their clients.

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What Makes Our REALTORS® Exceptional?

Our REALTORS® are distinguished by their local expertise, extensive professional training, and a personal approach that prioritizes client relationships. From Sid’s innovative leadership in establishing a team-based approach to Ricki’s client-focused transactions, each realtor has a unique way of enhancing the real estate experience for their clients. Whether it’s guiding new families in selecting the perfect home like Krystal or navigating complex negotiations as April does, our team’s diverse expertise ensures all clients’ needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism and care.

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Abstract silhouettes of real estate agents against a background of cityscapes and residential properties, depicted with bold black strokes and red highlights on a white canvas.
Abstract representation of real estate agents with timelines of their careers depicted through silhouettes against a backdrop of cityscapes and residential areas, highlighted in bold black and red on a white canvas.

When Did Our REALTORS® Join the Industry?

The journey of our REALTORS® in the real estate industry spans various timelines, each marked by significant personal decisions and professional development. Sid transitioned from ranching to real estate in 1991, creating a foundation for what would become the Lezamiz Real Estate Company. Each REALTOR® joined the industry at different times but shared a common commitment to excellence and continuous professional growth. This timeline reflects not only their individual career paths but also the evolution of the real estate services that our company proudly offers today.

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Where Do Our REALTORS® Operate?

Operating primarily in Twin Falls and the broader Magic Valley area, our realtors are deeply embedded in the local communities. Their work extends beyond mere property transactions; they are active participants in community development and local initiatives. This geographical focus is not just about selling homes but also about building and maintaining a thriving community, as evidenced by April’s work with the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce and Brent’s deep agricultural roots that inform his real estate expertise.

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Abstract representation of realtors with silhouettes set against a mixed backdrop of cityscapes and rural landscapes, depicted in bold black strokes and red highlights on a white canvas.
Abstract silhouettes of real estate agents against a background of cityscapes and rural properties, depicted in bold black strokes and red highlights on a white canvas, symbolizing their expertise and dedication.

Why Choose Our Realtors?

Choosing a REALTOR® from Lezamiz Real Estate Company means partnering with a professional who is not only an expert in real estate but also a dedicated community member. Our REALTORS® understand the local market like no other and are committed to leveraging their knowledge for the benefit of their clients. Whether it’s finding a new family home, investing in property, or managing complex real estate transactions, our team ensures every client’s journey is smooth, successful, and personally rewarding. The dedication to achieving real estate success with integrity and trust is what sets our team apart.

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How Do Our REALTORS ® Serve You?

Our REALTORS® serve clients through a combination of personalized service, expert knowledge, and a commitment to excellence. They utilize a strategic approach tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, ensuring a seamless process whether buying or selling properties. By embracing innovative strategies like Sid’s team approach or utilizing in-depth local knowledge as Ricki and Brent do, they manage to not only meet but often exceed their clients’ expectations. This dedication to service is how our realtors ensure each client navigates the real estate market with ease and confidence.

Abstract representation of realtors as silhouettes against a background of cityscapes, farms, and houses, depicted in bold black strokes and red highlights on a white canvas, symbolizing strategic expertise and personalized service.