Upgrade Your Garage
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To upgrade your garage or not to upgrade your garage.  That is the question.  With winter weather approaching it may be a good time to consider upgrading your garage.  Kitchens and bathrooms may be the rooms that sell a house, but don’t forget about the garage.  Not only can a garage offer extra flex space, but with some clever storage and finishes, it may become a wow factor.

Insulate the walls and finish with sheet rock.  Having the walls insulated and finished is the key to making the garage a multi-purpose room.

Install an efficient garage door with opener.  A good working and weather-tight door with an opener will upgrade both the inside and curb appeal of your garage.

Paint the floor.  Concrete paint or epoxy creates a fresh and hard-wearing surface, but there are many floor choices available. Not only does it immediately enhance the feeling of the space but also allows for easy cleaning.

Add storage vertically.  The wall area is perfect for tools to be stored and accessed easily.  Garden tools and bicycles can be stored on wall mounts without taking up any floor or cabinet space.

Add cabinets or lockers.  Keeping your tools and sports equipment and other “garage stuff” behind closed doors keeps the clutter contained and easy to find when you need something.  There are many easy to install storage units available at retail outlets.

Create a mud area by the walk-through door.  Placing a bench and some cubicles near the pedestrian door will serve as a place to leave muddy or wet boots and shoes.

Install a mini split heating/cooling system.  These little units operate without duct work and are easy to install. Controlling the air temperature can transform a garage into a party area, a play area, a craft area, a man cave.

IF you’re thinking about selling your home soon, this should be something you’ll want to take a look at, Update Now Pay Later.  A pretty good writeup as well by Geico makes a pretty good argument for increasing your home’s value.