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Setting up your house to be a Smart Home may be easier than you think.  If it seems overwhelming and complicated to you now, do a little research and start simply with a main controller.  Add functions as you learn about what is available and which products will be useful to you.

The three most popular and developed products currently on the market are:

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Google’s Assistant
  • Apple’s Siri

For instance, starting with an Amazon Dot.  It is a small speaker that you link to your home internet connection and Amazon account.  The dot alone will provide you with voice-activated access to almost any information you can find on the internet.  The dot knows you are talking to it by always starting with the name “Alexa” followed by your question or command.  For example: Alexa, what is the weather forecast? Or Alexa, set a 3-minute timer.  Or Alexa, play easy-listening music.

Working with this main “manager” you can install an Alexa app on your smart phone and pick and choose from an abundance of add-on products that you can control through Alexa Dot at home or on your phone app when away.

Smart Homes can control lighting, heating and cooling, security cameras, front door and health status for elderly just to name a few.