Resolution 2018 Buy A House
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It is January, the month to set goals and resolutions for the coming year. One of the best goals you could consider is purchasing a home in the coming year.

Along with that goal of homeownership comes some serious homework. Determined planning and preparation will pay off. Now is the time to start the process and proceed with the goal in the correct order.

Finances. The research and preparation start with finances. As you are preparing your taxes, create an additional worksheet with income, expenses and discretionary spending to get a real feel for money coming into and money going out of your bank account.

Credit Score. Find your credit score and verify it is good or immediately develop a plan to improve or repair it.

Price of Home. From your worksheet of income and expenses, you will be able to estimate an approximate home price you can afford and qualify for a mortgage with.

Mortgage. Do the research while you get finances in order. There are many options and special programs available.

Down Payment. Prepare to adjust discretionary spending to save or add to a down payment.

Be prepared to achieve your home buying goal by doing the important pre-qualification work first. Knowing exactly what you can comfortably afford and qualify for will make the next step of finding a home much more attainable and enjoyable.

Here’s your New Year’s Resolution 2018 Buy A House