Did You Know?

The holiday season is fast approaching. The kick-off is 3 weeks away with Thanksgiving. There is still time to organize some last-minute updatets to your home. Consistently doing small updates go a long way to protecting the market value and keeping your home current and enjoyable.

Paint the front door. It adds to curb appeal, first-impressions and is a welcome to your guests. Use a new color that is subtle and blends with the style and color of your home, or just keep the existing color fress and the door in good repair. Ask the professionals at your local paint store for help if you are choosing a new color.

Change hardware. Changing out the hardware in your home can have a big impact on the feeling. You can do a lot or a little. The biggest impact is changing cupboard door pulls in your kitchen and/or bathrooms. Be sure to measure and count the size and number of pulls you need before shopping. There are a lot of choices, so bring several styles home in small amounts, before buying the whole number needed.

Paint a room. A fresh coat of paint is not only a cost-effective way to update the look of a room, but it also provides a fresh, clean feel and smell. Try a new color, or simply refresh the existing color. Either way, painting a room will maintain the market value of the home.

Light Fixtures. Often overlooked, replacing outdated light fixtures can make a huge statement. During the holidays when you may have family and guests around your table, changin out a dining room chandelier or fixture can easily transform and update the room. Use an online guide for sizing and hanging advice to be sure your choice is the correct aspect and provides enough light for the room.

Change light switch covers. Dirty or borken light and plug-in switch covers are easy and inexpensive to change. As with the hardware, the choices are plentiful from decoratives ones to simple plastice new and clean ones.

Fall Back Daylight Savings

Last Reminder!
November 6, 2022 @2:00am

Fall back! It’s that time again where we mess with our internal clocks and we turn our physical clocks back one hour and get an extra bit of sleep.