Quick Lighting Updates
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Lighting with LED’s is the biggest trend in home lighting in years.  And it is with good reason.  LED lighting offers:

  • Great light and color quality
  • Energy efficient, using 80% less energy than incandescent
  • Do not generate heat, stay cool
  • Durable and long-lasting

Start with something simple, like changing out your light bulbs or even your lampshades. Colored bulbs come in lots of colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange and amber. And, of course, you’ll find an even larger selection of colored lampshades at any home décor store.

Downlights.  Because LED’s do not generate heat, new ultra-thin downlight kits are available, allowing installation in nearly any ceiling.  Replacing ceiling fixtures with downlights, instantly gives visual height to a room.

Edison bulbs.  The new LED Edison bulbs in all shapes and sizes are an integral part of the current look in lighting fixtures.  Replacing candelabra flame-look incandescent bulbs with new LED Edison-style bulbs offers an instant update for many outdated fixtures.

Patio LED strands.  For really quick lighting updates, outdoor string lighting is easily found in many different looks and styles.  Highlighting an outdoor area by looping strands of lights across a deck or patio overhang, or creating an area using posts is an easy way to create an all-important outdoor living area.