Prepare to List
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In a matter of weeks, the typically prime buying and selling months for real estate will arrive.  If selling your home is in your plan for this year, now is the time to buckle down and organize your home.
Preparing to sell your home isn’t just about researching Realtors® and signing a listing agreement.  You need to have your property in tip top shape.  Even well-maintained, fresh and tidy homes may need some extra attention before opening doors to scrutinizing buyers.

Clean, clean, clean.  Walking into a home that looks clean and smells clean is a powerful and lasting first impression. It immediately emanates pride of ownership.  A perfectly clean and orderly home will be off the list of a buyer if a funky odor is what they remember.  Don’t perfume or mask an existing odor.  Find the source and fix it.

Light.  Use every option to create a well-lit and sunny home.  Drapes and blinds open to let natural light in through clean windows.  Taking off the screens while showing creates an even clearer light source.  If showing in the evening be sure all lamps and light fixtures are on before buyers walk in.  Not only is a lit home welcoming from the inside but is very welcoming from the outside.

Tidy rooms and closets.  Clutter makes rooms look smaller and distracts from any features your home may have.  Box up and store excess clutter or sell, donate or trash it now.  When your home sells the packing is that much easier.

Make repairs.  Be a detective and find every dripping faucet and every squeaky door.  You get used to the small deferred-maintenance issues in your home, but they will be loud and clear to a buyer.

When you prepare to list your home, it’s big project.  Start now and be fully ready for listing.  It will take a lot of the stress out of selling process.