Preparing Your Home for Sale: Importance of Deep Cleaning and Staging

We’ve recently talked about the importance of preparing your home for sale, including the January home inventory and spring repairs. We’ve also discussed the Dreaded De-cluttering and de-personalization of the space so buyers can envision themselves in the home. Now, let’s take it a step further and do a deep clean for a truly impressive presentation.

The clutter and excess furniture have been sold, donated, or stored. The infrastructure has been inspected and any defects repaired. All the little things like a squeaky door, a drawer that won’t quite shut all the way or any number of little things you live with and don’t even notice anymore, have been fixed. It is time to do a deep clean and stage the house for success, ensuring that buyers will appreciate the cleanliness and functionality of the space.

Deep Cleaning

A home that has been deep cleaned and staged will make a lasting first impression and be easier to maintain for continued showings. Every corner, every window in every room needs to be clean. The kitchen and bathroom should sparkle and not only look clean but smell clean, as well. By paying attention to every detail, you can ensure that your home stands out from the competition.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned, and don’t forget to clean the unseen areas like the top of the water heater and furnace. The garage needs to be clean and organized, with tools, bikes, and other clutter out of sight. By making sure everything is in order, you can showcase the full potential of the property.

It is important to have the yard free of toys and debris and as pristine as possible for the time of year. Weed-free, grass, and shrubs trimmed, and any other outdoor features should be cleaned and prepared for viewing. The first impression of your home can greatly impact a buyer’s decision, so make sure to put your best foot forward with an impressive outdoor space.


Arranging a room that is both inviting and functional is a crucial part of showing a house. There are professional stagers who have a knack for presenting a home to its best advantage. They can use your existing furniture or rent furniture to use while you are showing a home for sale, ensuring that every space looks its best.

Each space needs to show a clear purpose, and every feature should be highlighted in an attractive and appealing way. Bedrooms should have comfortable beds and look restful and inviting, while an extra bedroom shown as an office space should have a desk and chair to showcase its functionality. A patio with an outdoor table and chairs, along with a grill, can highlight the potential of an outdoor living area. By displaying the full potential of the home, you can help buyers visualize themselves living in the space and make a lasting impression.


In conclusion, cleaning and staging a home can make a significant impact on its marketability and increase the likelihood of a successful sale. By following these steps, sellers can create an inviting, functional, and attractive space that appeals to potential buyers. From deep cleaning every corner to arranging furniture to showcase each room’s purpose, every detail counts when it comes to presenting a home for sale. By investing time and effort into these tasks, sellers can make a lasting impression on buyers and increase the chances of a quick and profitable sale.