Pluses and Minuses in House Hunting
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house-hunting (noun) 
the activity of looking for a house to live in: We’ve been house-hunting for months. I’m going house-hunting later today.

Spring has sprung forward and now is the time to get into high gear if you are in the market for your first home.

Without question the most important first step is getting your finances in order and pre-qualifying to identify your potential price range. Looking at homes is the fun part. Knowing how to look and what to look beyond is as important as your finances.

Pluses, can be changed or adapted:

  • Undesirable wall colors can be repainted.
  • Furniture that won’t fit into room configurations can be stored or replaced.
  • Dated light fixtures are quick and easy to replace and effective way to immediately update.
  • The roof, windows and furnace and A/C units are in good working order.

Minuses, cannot be changed:

  • Location in an undesirable school district.
  • House is dark inside because of the direction it is facing.
  • Neighbors house exterior is untidy or cluttered.

Prepare to look beyond the features of a house that can be changed or adapted to your living style and walk away from the unchangeable ones.

Pluses and Minuses in House Hunting

We also recommend doing some passive research and watching the TV show “House Hunters“.  Pay particular attention to the questions and their methods.  They do have some really good practices.

If you’re into the more thriller type of movies, you can also check out House Hunting (also released as The Wrong House) which is a 2012 psychological horror-thriller film that was written and directed by Eric Hurt. The film had its world release on October 2, 2012 at the Virginia Film Festival, and received a DVD and VOD release through Phase 4 Films on March 5, 2013. The film stars Marc Singer and Art LaFleur and follows two families that are trapped within a deserted farmhouse.