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Fall is the time of year to view beautiful fall foliage not piles of coats, dirty boots and shoes.

Mudrooms and organized entrance areas are fast becoming a necessity to busy family homes. From stylish custom-built individual rooms to flat-packs you put together yourself, creating an area to control the mess in an orderly way is a useful addition to your home.

Budget and available spaces will dictate a starting point. Using pre-made one-piece units that are readily available at big box stores or through the internet, can turn the smallest area into an organized dropping point for coats, school pack packs, shoes and boots. Adding a basket or dedicated drawer and you also have a drop-off for the mail.

If you have an existing back entrance that flows into an area like a laundry room or enclosed porch, you may have the space for a customized built-in mudrooms that not only completely manages dropping points for all members of the family but can also be a valuable upgrade to your home.

Consider the following points to create a mudroom (area) for your home:

  • Individual coat hooks and cubbies or baskets for each family member.
  • A storage bench that provides a place to take off or put on shoes and boots and provides storage under the lid.
  • Durable flooring that can withstand the mess.

Simple or extravagantly detailed, mudrooms are an asset to your home and your quality of life.