Maintenance Skills for Homeowners
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Maintaining your home by constantly repairing and replacing parts of it when needed, is the most cost-effective way to hold its value while living in a home that looks good and functions well.  Learning and using some basic skills as a homeowner will go a long way to keeping it that way. Maintenance Skills for Homeowners includes fixing that drippy faucet.  Now, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, we can help with the Update Now Pay Later Program.

Clean the gutters.  Leaves, dirt and debris builds up in gutters and alters the rain flow which can create moisture inside the house and foundation.  Clean gutters twice a year in the spring and fall.

Circuit breaker.  Learn how to reset a circuit breaker.  It is as easy as knowing where the panel is in your home and knowing how to reset, which normally is finding the errant breaker and simply turning the switch to “ON”.  Have your electrician teach you if you are not confident.

Turning off the water supply.  Know where and how to turn off the main water supply.  Sometimes a special tool is needed.  Find its location and make sure you can turn it off.  Being able to locate and turn off water quickly can save damage to your home in the case of frozen pipes or an appliance that is malfunctioning.

Fixing drywall holes and dings.  Learn how to fill nail holes and dings in your walls.  Have a small tub of prepared drywall mud and a small putty knife with your tools.  Filling nail holes after moving pictures or dings from kids or furniture moving will keep walls looking pristine.

You can find easy directions to all these tasks and many others on YouTube  with video and step by step directions.

Keeping your home in good repair is the first step in holding its value.