Home Staging
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Staging your home when listing it for sale can be an important part of the selling process. As always cleaning and de-cluttering is crucial. But sometimes a trained eye that sees beyond the way a room looks and functions can dramatically change the first impression and appeal of your home.

Professionally trained stagers consult with you and in as few as 2 hours present a DIY plan that uses your existing furniture with suggested arrangements and accessories, de-cluttering priorities, lighting and window treatment recommendations.

The cost for a DIY consultation is modest, usually based on the square footage of your home, and can dramatically change the look and flow of your home along with the marketability. More detailed services are also offered by most stagers, including furnishing and staging empty homes and condos. Most stagers are flexible and can provide a detailed plan for DIY or do the entire staging with their own staff and furniture.

Staged homes help potential buyers visualize how their furniture will fit, set your home apart from others on the market, appeal to a wider range of buyers and most importantly has the potential to produce a higher offer and a quicker sale.