Finally Home!
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Created under the leadership of former Governor Phillip E. Batt in 1997, Finally Home! is an educational course designed to learn the process of buying a home in Idaho.

The Finally Home! program originated in 1997 when the need for a homebuyer education program in Idaho became apparent. Former Idaho Governor Philip E. Batt formed an affordable Housing Advisory Task Force to look at the many views of Idaho’s housing picture. Public hearings were held around the state and through those hearings; the Task Force discovered a lack of coordination, understanding and knowledge regarding Idaho’s affordable housing problems and solutions. With that information in hand, the Task Force made several recommendations to Governor Batt. Those recommendations included the need for quality, standardized homebuyer education throughout the state.

With homebuyer education recognized as one solution to Idaho’s affordable housing problems, several organizations, including profit and nonprofit organizations, accepted the challenge of creating a statewide homebuyer education program. After many hours of volunteer time and the input of a diverse group of people and organizations through the state, Finally Home! was organized and  homebuyer education program became a reality.

In 1999, Idaho Housing and Finance Association  teamed up with seven non-profit agencies from across Idaho to offer homebuyer education through the Finally Home! program. The Finally Home! program serves low-and-moderate income, prospective homebuyers through the state of Idaho who are generally purchasing their first home.

In 2004, the first online version of the Finally Home! course was introduced.  The online course was originally developed to provide education to those living in rural areas that were too far from live class sites.  With the advancement of technology and the increased demand for online education, the online Finally Home! course has been revamped and modernized into its current program.  The Finally Home! online course now offers homebuyers in differing states the ability to take a comprehensive education program.

The course will give a prospective first-time homebuyer a solid base of understanding of the home buying process and requirements, including mortgage programs, qualification requirements, credit, budgeting and fees connected to purchasing a home. Completion of the course will reveal sources of funding help in the form of down payment and or closing cost assistance, lower rates and gifted funds.

The course is completed in 6 hours and is available in a traditional classroom setting. An online version is also available. There is a $20 fee for classroom instruction and the online version is $50. The online version is offered in either English or Spanish.

The course is being offered:

May 22 and May 24, 2018, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM (each session)

College of Southern Idaho

Taylor Building, Room 276

315 Falls Avenue Twin Falls ID 83301