Final Walk Through
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A final walk through is a final look at a property you are going to purchase, before closing. Generally, it is arranged between a week and the day before you are scheduled to close the sale. The time may vary but it is beneficial to do a final walk through close enough to closing to view the final condition, but out far enough to complete changes if required.

It is the final opportunity to view the property to make sure it is in the condition and repair you expected and agreed upon in the purchase agreement.

Appliances or personal items. Make sure appliances, window coverings or other items agreed upon with the sellers to include in the sale are still at the property and in working order.

Condition of the property. Confirm that the condition of the property is as last seen. Water heater and HVAC working properly along with plumbing and electrical. Floor coverings and walls are as expected. No damage to the interior since you last viewed it.

Confirm any required repairs have been completed. If the inspection presented repairs or replacements that the sellers agreed to make, verify that they have all been made and are acceptable.

Unwanted items or trash. Check the property to be sure the sellers have removed all their personal belongings and trash, especially in garages, attics and out buildings.