Fall Home Maintenance 1
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One of the most important ways to preserve the value of your home is routine maintenance. Aside from the market value of a well-maintained home is the comfort and enjoyment to you and your family. Fall is an essential time of the year to prepare for shorter, colder days and inclement weather.

Trees and grass. Rake leaves and prune and trim your trees and shrubs. Inspect your landscaping plants for health issues and consider using an arborist if abnormalities or sickly trees or shrubs are found.

Clean the gutters. Rid the gutters of debris and dirt, in preparation for rain, ice and snow.

Air Leaks and holes. Walk around your home checking for small holes or loose and cracked caulking. Filling holes and replacing caulking and weather stripping not only extends the life of your siding, roof, windows and doors, but will keep out critters, insects and cold winter drafts.

Clothes dryer vent. An issue often overlooked is cleaning your dryer vent. Lint build-up not only cuts down on drying efficiency but is a fire hazard many people don’t think about.

Heating systems. Have fireplace chimneys cleaned of creosote build-up, which can cause fires. Have your furnace serviced and filters changed.

Security systems. Test smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed. Fall Home Maintenance 1