Car Condos
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Buy a condo for your vintage car, boat or RV. Really? It appears to be a growing trend to address how and where to store upscale motorized toys. Multiple cars. Vintage and collector cars. RV’s. Boats. Car condos are climate-controlled places to warehouse, out of the weather, work- on, and enjoy your luxury and recreational vehicles, or other storage items.

Rather than rent a storage unit or multiple storage units, garage condos give you the option to buy your own storage area that is plumbed, heated, wired for phone, cable TV and internet. You receive a deed, title insurance along with all the benefits of owning commercial real estate.

Car lifts, lofts, kitchenettes and seating areas with large screen TV’s, are a few of the popular features condo owners install after purchase. The condos cannot be used for living quarters but can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Established now in bigger metropolitan areas, the introduction of garage condos has been a hit. The concept is sure to find its way to less densely populated areas. As with traditional condos, layout, size and amenities vary. Common areas are maintained by traditional HOA monthly fees.

One advertisement proclaims,” a solution for now….an investment for the future”.