Buying a FSBO
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Unlike in most other professional fields, real estate sales are sometimes deemed a DIY project by sellers.  In active sellers’ markets especially, sometimes a DIY home owner takes on the job of selling their own home.

If you are a buyer and see a property you may be interested in is For Sale by Owner, it does not mean you need to be a DIY-buyer.  A professional licensed agent can still represent and assist you as a buyer in finding, negotiating and closing a sale.  It is up to the agent to collaborate with the seller to fund a commission for their work in a completed sale.

A buyers’ agent will:

  • Know a factious asking price when they see it
  • Know it is essential to have a third-party professional inspection
  • Know how to negotiate many things including price, closing dates and property inclusions or exclusions
  • Know the legal requirements in the state and county the FSBO is located, to successfully complete a sale

If you are interested in Buying a FSBO, it does not mean you need to be a DIY- buyer.  Get it right and contact a licensed Realtor® to represent and protect you as a buyer.