Backyard Fire Pits
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Outdoor living has become increasingly popular and continues to be a very good way to improve your property for your own pleasure and to add value if you are selling.

Backyard Fire pits can be a cost-effective way to glam up a patio or deck area if you are selling your home and the current outdoor living amenities consist of only a door to the backyard. Surrounding a firepit with comfortable outdoor chairs, like Adirondacks will easily create a pleasing and inviting area.

Fire pits create a warm area on chilly evenings, can be cooked or grilled on, keep away gnats and mosquitoes and generate a relaxing ambiance. A great evening area for family and friends to unwind and roast marshmallows for S’mores.

Free standing fire pits are readily available in big box stores, nurseries and discount stores. There are many custom fabricators on the internet who ship nationwide. You can spend as little as $100 or into the many thousands for custom and onsite integrated systems.

Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will extend the enjoyment of your backyard for you and your guests. They provide warmth, light, a cooking source, and ambiance, making them a natural gathering spot for socializing, entertaining, and relaxation. People are drawn to the campfire-like atmosphere, and before you know it, there will be story-telling and laughter. A fire pit can also serve as an important focal point in your outdoor landscape design. When placed where it can be easily seen from your interior living space, it can be enjoyed from the indoors as well.

There are many options when it comes to the size, shape and style of a fire pit. You can have a built-in fire pit installed, or you can purchase a portable one that can be moved about your yard. If opting for a built-in fire pit, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of outdoor finishing materials including concrete, stone and brick. And remember, fire pits don’t have to be round-they can be square, L-shaped, triangular, or an entirely custom shape.

The enjoyment and enhancement to your property makes a fire pit a great idea for a spring project.

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