Backup Generators
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Extended power outage in your home can cause discomfort both in winter and summer but also has the potential to cause hefty financial loss by losing refrigeration for fresh and frozen food and frozen pipes in the wintertime. Backup Generators can help stop the loss.

Discomfort can turn to danger for infants, very young children and older adults or infirmed if an outage extends to many hours, days or weeks.

One option to hedge your bets on disaster is to prepare with a backup generator. Stationary units installed and run by propane or natural gas, can provide seamless electricity with an automatic start as soon as your electricity is interrupted. Portable generators are less expensive but must be kept fueled. Both choices should be installed with transfer switches between the unit and your electrical box. This protects your electronics and appliances from potential power surges.

A system that can power your whole house can be quite expensive, up to $10,000 or more depending on location and size of your home. Thinking ahead and planning for only the most important appliances to be operated and providing electrical service in only part of the house can be very affordable and accomplished with a smaller stationary unit, starting around $2500 or a portable unit starting as low as $300.

Planning is the key component in a backup generator. Having the unit installed properly and safely and knowing how it will work in the event of an outage, is an insurance policy for peace of mind.