We Are Thankful
Did You Know?  [video_popup url=”https://youtu.be/wc-YSBtR6m4″ text=”Thanksgiving”]

The team at Lezamiz Real Estate Company is thankful.

  • For the natural beauty in the state of Idaho.
  • For the freedom of living in the United States of America.
  • For the abundance of food from our fertile land.
  • For the cultural and educational opportunities in Magic Valley.
  • For the trust and confidence our customers put in our ability to meet all their real estate needs.

We are thankful for you, for your business, and for your trust in us this year. We will work hard during the coming year to continue to uphold our real estate expertise.

The disaster: On Thanksgiving several years ago, I was put in charge of the gravy. As a Southerner, I take gravy very seriously, and I knew that gravy duty at Thanksgiving was the big one: the Super Bowl of gravy assignments. I saved the turkey drippings, separated out the fat, made a roux, and got the gravy just right—enough pepper that it has a little kick but won’t take away from everything else on the plate, enough salt to be seasoned but not overly salty. And then, on the way to transferring it into the gravy boat, I tripped over a step and spilled it everywhere. All that perfect gravy running over the counters! Luckily it wasn’t piping hot, and the spill was mostly contained to easily cleaned surfaces, but it was still a disaster.

How we fixed it: The host of the meal, sensing my distress, pulled me over to the pantry and produced a packet of instant gravy granules that she kept on hand just in case. We mixed it with hot water, threw in some herbs and pepper, and it looked just as good in a gravy boat as the homemade stuff. Now I always keep one in the cabinet for gravy emergencies.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lezamiz Real Estate Company!