Idaho Trivia
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  1. Idaho is called The Gem State because there are 72 different precious and semi-precious gem stones that have been found in Idaho.
  2. Star garnet is only found in quantity in two places in the world. Idaho and India.
  3. Most of the nation’s supply of trout comes from Idaho.
  4. Hells Canyon in western Idaho is the deepest river gorge in North America. It is 7,993 feet deep. As comparison, Grand Canyon is 6093 feet deep.
  5. Idaho observes split time zones. The north panhandle is on Pacific time zone and the rest of Idaho uses Mountain time zone.
  6. Idaho’s state capital building in Boise, is the only one in the U.S. that is heated by geo-thermal energy generated by a hot spring located 3000 feet underground.
  7. You can sail from the Pacific Ocean to Idaho via the Columbia River then the Snake River. You will end in Lewiston, Idaho the most inland port on the west coast.
  8. The famous Idaho potato is not actually native to Idaho. It was brought to Idaho in 1836 to the Nez Perce tribe as an example of a crop to grow for food.

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