Fall Planting Plants
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Fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs.  The weather is cool, but the soil is still warm to encourage root growth.  Many people prefer January through March for planting, but the fall months of September through December have distinct advantages. Fall is the optimum time to plant balled and burlapped trees and shrubs. Balled and burlapped plants have ample time to recover from transplanting and proliferate roots before spring growth begins. Remember, however, all bare root plants, including roses and pecan and fruit trees, should be planted in late winter when they are completely dormant. According to a recent study by Michigan University, for every $1 you spend on landscaping you can expect a 109 percent return on that investment.  Pacific Northwest Research Station values a front yard tree as increasing the average sale price of a home at $7,130.

Planting in the right location for both growth and aesthetics is also important.  Fast growing trees with invasive lateral root growth should be avoided near a house.  A professional landscape plan or research and planning before embarking on planting will maximize curb appeal and minimize possible root damage as the tree grows.

Tree varieties that potentially boost property values:

Northern red oak.  Shade tree that grows quickly and in almost any soil type.  Fall color is brilliant.

Sugar Maple.  A classic tree that needs room to grow.  Great fall color.

Concolor Fir.  Beautiful jade colored evergreen with citrus scented needles.

Bigleaf magnolia.  A small tree with massive leaves and pretty white flowers that attract pollinators.

Keep new trees well-watered until the ground freezes. Another boost for root development in the fall is the soil temperature. At spring planting time, soil temperatures can be pretty chilly – still catching up with the quickly warming air temperatures. Warm soil provides the perfect growing environment for plants that are already eager to produce roots this time of year.  Fall Planting Plants is the best time to plant plants.