Earth Day 2018
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Earth Day is officially April 22, 2018. This year’s Earth Day theme, End Plastic Pollution.

  • Americans use up to 500 million plastic straws every day. From fast food restaurants use in every drink, to iced coffees, to even plain water, Americans don’t give a second thought to using plastic straws for everything.
  • Many of these straws and other plastics (bottles and bags) end up in the ocean. Nearly 90 percent of the debris in our earth’s oceans is plastic.
  • The oceans magnificent sea life accidently consumes this wayward plastic debris. Thousands of whales, birds, seals and turtles are killed each year after consuming plastic debris.

Become vigilant about plastic waste and conserving our earth’s resources this Earth Day. Create a conservation routine for your family.

  • Reduce. Reduce your use of plastic. Use paper straws, or no straws. Use inexpensive fabric bags for groceries rather than plastic bags, reusable travel mugs for drinks.
  • Reuse. Reuse plastic bags and plastic straws. If it can be cleaned, reuse it.
  • Recycle. The most important mantra to save our earth. It isn’t hard to separate recyclables. Most cities provide receptacles and pick up. Become a recycling fanatic. Recycled bottles can made into t-shirts, carpeting, insulation.

Help end plastic pollution beginning now, Earth Day 2018.