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Award and the cover of Realtor Magazine featuring the Top 100 Home Sales Realtor in the Nation accolade.

Top 100 In Sales Nationwide

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Real Estate Seller Services

A Seller's Agent

focuses on representing the interests of Real Estate Sellers.

Abstract representation of a seller's agent and a listing agent shaking hands, depicted in bold black and red strokes on a white background, with subtle silhouettes of houses and a 'For Sale' sign.

“Seller’s Agent: Abstract Collaboration” – A visual metaphor for the partnership and negotiation in real estate.

Choosing the right Real Estate Seller’s Agent is paramount for a profitable sale. That’s what it’s really all about, right? Our Twin Falls Real Estate Co. specializes in getting the real estate sold. Sometimes with a focus on maximizing returns, and othertimes with offloading the hassle. We offer comprehensive services to get closer to what your goals are.

Entrusting your real estate dealings in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley to a Life-long Southern Idaho resident and 30+ year veteran of Real Estate ensures meticulous management (that means we micromanage your listings because that’s just who we are) in the pursuit of attracting competitive offers.

A Seller’s Agent

Real Estate Brokerage Services

The Brokerage

upholds high ethical standards and supports a highly skilled company to advocate for Real Estate Clients.

Abstract art depicting the dynamic relationship between real estate brokerage and investment, using bold black and red strokes on a white background.

Twin Falls Real Estate Brokerage: Strategic Convergence” – An abstract exploration of brokerage activities and investment opportunities in real estate.


Idaho’s real estate demands the knowledge and skills of someone who lives, breathes, and eats real estate. The nuances of high-stakes investment runs through his veins, and selecting the appropriate real estate company is essential for the execution of high-caliber transactions. Lezamiz Real Estate Co. is a foundation of profound personal knowledge of Real Estate Investments in the Magic Valley.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, meticulously gathered over the years to maximize the profitability of your Real Estate Investments. Equipped to visualize the dynamics of the real estate investment world, our discerning clients and our real estate company makes sure that each real estate venture is conducted with exactitude and strategic foresight.

From sophisticated marketing strategies to masterful negotiation skills and flawless transactional procedures, we facilitate a rewarding and enriching investment experience within the Magic Valley market, catering specifically to the expectations of the erudite and affluent investor.

The Brokerage

Real Estate Buyer Services

A Buyer's Agent

focuses on the interests of Real Estate Buyers.

Abstract illustration of a male and female buyer's agent in bold black and blood red, set against an Idaho-shaped background.

A visual tribute to Idaho’s Buyer’s Agents, depicted in bold black and blood red.

Our Buyer’s Agents have been running the kids back and forth, they know the market because they secretly keep tabs on the properties for sale in Twin Falls and the surrounding areas.  They bring along commitment and dedication to our Clients. Our professionals have lived here and have solid ties to the area. We welcome you to Southern Idaho if you’re from out of state!

We offer tailor-made services ensuring every aspect of the search for the right property is as comprehensive as can be, without limiting your options.

A Buyer’s Agent