Winter in Idaho
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According to the Farmer’s Almanac, southern Idaho can expect another month of cold weather.

According to Visit Idaho, there is still time to experience these three-great winter activities.

Skijoring. A crazy competition that is half rodeo half skiing. Originally used as a means of transportation in the Scandinavian countries, the horses pull ski racers through a race course with gates and jumps up to 50 miles per hour. Next race is the Wood River Extreme, February 17 & 18th, Hailey, Idaho.

Ski the moon. Dark, jagged rocks protruding from deep layers of snow, on the dormant volcano site of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve gives you the Star Wars sensation. The seven-mile Loop Drive is groomed for cross country skiing as well as a 1.5-mile Snowshoe Loop Trail. May the force be with you.

No tub hot tub. Natural geothermal hot springs in Idaho with the snow falling around you. Priceless. Who wants the chlorine and chemical cleaned water of a hot tub when you can hike to a remote hot spring and relax in the silence of nature.

Three more fantastic reasons to live in Idaho.

For waterfall-chasers, it often comes as a surprise that Idaho is home to such an abundance of scenic cascades across the state – some that even top Niagara Falls in height! But while many of these spectacular falls are tucked away in the untamed corners of our stunning mountain ranges and require determined hikes to reach, others are renowned landmarks that draw thousands of visitors and photographers every year to be enchanted by their roaring, magnificent beauty. Fortunately, Idaho’s picturesque beauty doesn’t stop as the temperature drops; Idaho’s plummeting natural wonders often transform into glittering, icy spectacles during the winter and offer surprisingly unique photo ops and recreation opportunities for those willing to brave the chill. Here are eight waterfalls in the Gem State that are just as mesmerizing in the winter as they are during the spring.

Towering at over 212 feet, Shoshone Falls is a true Idaho treasure that is beautiful no matter when you visit. But come winter, you’ll want to bring along a camera to capture the beauty of this icy wonderland and its neighboring cascades.