Tune Up the Bathroom
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You hear and read about it all the time. Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. But that doesn’t mean you need to blow out either of these rooms in your home for a costly renovation. Presenting an inviting and highly functional bathroom shouldn’t wait until you want to sell your home. It is achievable by easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Clean tile grout. There are companies that steam the grout clean and there are handymen that scrape and repair the grout. It is also easy to push up your sleeves and do it yourself. Which ever technique your tile needs, the result can be shockingly good. Even dated tile if squeaky clean with sanitized or new grout can look like a new bathroom.

Re-caulk. Pull off the old caulking/sealant that edges your tub and lavatory sinks. Not only does it discolor over time, but it also may become moldy with years of moisture trying to penetrate the seal.

Repair or replace faucets. Dripping faucets wastes hundreds of gallons of water a year and adds to the discoloration and dirty build-up on the grout and caulking. It is usually an easy fix by a plumber, or there are hundreds of handy YouTube videos to help you DIY. If the faucet is unfixable, there are many choices for replacement starting as low as ten dollars from any of the big box stores.

Get your bathroom clean and mold-free, and tune up the bathroom! A fresh coat of paint will add to the clean fresh feel. An inexpensive shower curtain and towels will make even the most dated bathroom look and feel appealing and functionable.  If you’re getting ready to sell, Update Now Pay Later can help make this easier.