Study Zones
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It is hard to believe that Twin Falls schools first day of classes for the 2018/2019 school year is just 6 days away. Monday, August 20, 2018. Now is a great time to find and customize a study area in your home for each of your homework-aged kids.

Determine the type of study atmosphere each child needs. Does your child do well in a private area that is quiet without other children, or a common area where more than one child can be working at the same time. Even in a very small house you can find and transform areas that work for study zones.

Elevate the bed. Raise the bed in bunk bed fashion to create a study area underneath it rather than another bed. The footprint will be the same as before and it is a fun and private spot to study.

Revamp half a closet area. A small desk with a chair in an existing closet will not only be a fun place to study, but when the closet door is closed no one will suspect it is there.

Create a desk on a bookcase. Build a drop leaf desk on an existing bookcase that can be opened when needed for study and dropped down when not in use.

Find an area and create an easy and comfortable place for homework. Many ideas and advice can be found on the internet. Help your child succeed with their school work.

Remember to slow down and be cautious when driving as area schools reopen in the next few weeks. It takes the whole community to keep our children safe.