What to do for Home Showings

You have done a lot of work to get your home ready to sell. Now is the time to let your listing

agent do his/her job and show your home. Establish a routine for when your agent will be

showing your property.

Leave, as in do not be there.

It is your home and you know all the great things about your home. But now is not the time to be involved in giving those details. Certainly, it is a good idea to inform your Realtor® about the extras that are available in your home, but then leave it to him/her to show the interested buyers. Buyers can look at your home without feeling uncomfortable with you being there. They can ask pertinent questions and your agent can answer or get the correct answer from you. The potential buyer is free to look at your home and visualize how they will live there.

Take the pets with you.

Take the household pets with you when you leave for a showing. Put the feeding bowls and pet toys away and especially kitty litter trays. Make sure any pet odors have been neutralized. Not only are some people not attracted to household pets, but in fact are allergic to them.

Turn on the lights.

It may seem crazy especially if a showing is on a sunny day, but turning on lighting in every

room creates an inviting and homey feeling. It is crucial when it is dark outside. Turning the

lights on in the rooms to the front of your house along with the entrance lights, is a great free

showing for drive-by buyers.

Appeal to the senses.

Clean-smelling and clean visually is the sense you are after. Fake sprayed fragrances are

definitely not. Create a procedure for showing appointments. Each household member is in

charge of putting away their own things along with specified other duties. Practice the routine cleaning off surfaces as you go. Any items that just don’t have a place can be in the trunk of your car and go with you.

Agree to every showing possible.

You never know when the buyer who loves your home and eventually summits an offer will

want to see it. The best plan is to be prepared and agree to any showing that a qualified buyer requests.

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