Smart Homes

If you have always wanted to live like the futuristic cartoon The Jetsons, products readily available on the market today will help you achieve many of the functions of that animated 60’s family.

A smart home in today’s world provides its owner security, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Appliances, lighting, heating and air-conditioning, TVs and security systems all can communicate with each other. A home owner can communicate with them by programming schedules or by remotely controlling their functions from any location in the world using a computer or phone.

Millennial home buyers will appreciate and understand smart home features. Because a smart home can be easily established using individual products, buying and installing only what you will use is the way to modernize your home for today’s buyer.

The top voice and remotely controlled features to begin with:

  • speaker and control center

  • indoor security cam

  • light bulbs

  • thermostat

  • door lock

  • outdoor security cam

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