Idaho Waterfalls Road Trip

With the official first day of fall arriving on September 23rd, and schools already in their fall sessions, it is a great time to plan a one-day weekend excursion to take in the incredible Idaho scenery and a few of the spectacular waterfalls.

A good idea is to begin right here in Southern Idaho. With over 60 recognized waterfalls in the state creating a day trip to enjoy just a few of them is easy. Of the following 6 stops, half of them are in Twin Falls.

      1. Deadman Falls, Glenns Ferry, ID. Cascades 170 feet into Deadman Canyon.       2. Thousand Springs, Hagerman, ID. Local boat tours and dinner cruises available here.       3. Perrine Coulee Waterfall, Twin Falls, ID. This falls can be seen 3 ways. From the rim looking down, from the base or kayaking on the Snake River.       4. Pillar Falls, Twin Falls, ID. A “Hidden Gem” this one must be viewed from a kayak. It is worth the effort to see up close the unique rock formations carved by the river.       5. Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, ID. The most well-known and most-visited waterfall in Idaho. 200 feet tall and 900 feet wide, it is sometimes called the “Niagara Falls of the West”.       6. Big Fiddler Creek, Elmore County, ID. At the southernmost edge of the Sawtooth National Forest and cascading down a rocky cliff. Look to your right when facing Big Fiddler and you will see the razor thin stream of water named Long Gulch Falls.

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