Household Inventory Disaster Kit

One of the lessons we can learn from the recent disasters created by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma and Jose in Florida and the Caribbean, is to inventory our households.

Filing insurance claims when you have experienced devastating loses from a natural disaster like these hurricanes is exhausting and complicated. Having an inventory that is current and up-to-date located in a safe place can literally feel like a life saver.

With current technology, simply using your cell phone camera, you can quickly and without too much trouble inventory your home.

Phone video one room at a time. Not only is this a true representation of what was in your household, but a reminder of things you may not remember after a loss. Narrate as you film highlighting and explaining items.

Open drawers and closets as you film. Nothing is too small to get in the picture.

Take still pictures of big ticket items. Artwork, collectibles, jewelry, expensive furniture. Set up your own perimeters for which items need special documentation.

Take pictures of serial numbers and model numbers of appliances and electronics. Having a serial number will automatically create the model and age of the appliance.

Take pictures of receipts if you have them for anything you are inventorying. The most secure way to defend a value is the proof of purchase.

Keep a copy in a safe place away from your home. Save a copy in a lock box or in the cloud.

Keep your inventory up-to-date. Once you have your complete inventory keep it current by deleting items you get rid of and adding new purchases.

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