Outdoor Lighting
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It is spring and time to clean up the winter rubbish from your lawn, fertilize, trim landscaping shrubs and trees and glam up the curb appeal. One addition to the curb appeal of your home that has many options is lighting.

LED lighting not only illuminates better but is very cost effective to operate. Lighting the outside of your house and yard does not require a second mortgage to achieve.

Front door. Simply turn on the front door lights at dusk and off at midnight. An inexpensive timer will do the job for you. Doing this not only gives your home an inviting presence but affords a sense of security.

Landscape. Landscape lighting kits are readily available at big box stores. Installing the linked lights to illuminate your landscaping can literally bring your home to life. Lighting your landscaping creates a pleasing homey feel.

Backyard. The current trend of clear bulbs rope lighting is especially effective on a patio or deck. String the strands of lights crossway on a deck overhang or pergola and you instantly create a welcoming place to eat or relax. Keeping the lights lit even when you are not using the area expands visually your living space from inside the house.

A well thought-out lighting plan for your outdoor area is important in many ways. With cool light you ensure safety around your house, whereas warm light creates a cosy, sociable mood in the garden – for example, during an outdoor celebration or get-together with family and friends. This requires a harmonious lighting plan. With or without embellishments, classic or modern: your house, your garden, your style. And with the latest LED technology, you can say goodbye to excessive electricity bills!

When selling your home, outdoor lighting is especially helpful. Having your home lit allows interested drive-by viewers to see it in a soft glow rather than a cold dark void. A very good first impression to make.

Be sure to check out HGTV: https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/landscaping-and-hardscaping/how-to-illuminate-your-yard-with-landscape-lighting​