Newest Home Gadgets
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Introduced at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, the best new home gadgets for 2018. Gadgets may not be the best description considering the price tag on some of the equipment, but the ingenuity and creativity of the show is a road map for how our homes may be soon.

Foldimate. A new machine the company hopes will be a staple in the laundry room by your HE washer and dryer. Feed your shirts, blouses and pants into the top of the Foldimate and your laundry is deposited in the bottom…perfectly folded. Target retail: $980.

Kohler’s Verdera Smart Mirror. Built-in Amazon Alexa and dimmable LED lighting will create a pleasurable morning routine of checking the news, listening to music and adjusting mirror lighting…all by voice command. Includes a voice activated night light. Retail price: pending.

Xeros. Revolutionary new washing machine. Uses polymer beads that deploy to manipulate your clothes during the wash cycle, using less water. At the end of the cycle the beads return into the drum until they are activated during the next wash cycle. Market introduction: 2 years.

Toto’s Floating Tub. Designed with water jets in the bottom of the tub and curved to mimic the posture of astronauts resting in space, Toto’s floating tub has a built-in head rest and LED lights. Still less expensive than a ride in space. Retail price: $19,000.