January Freeze
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January can be cold, dark and unwelcoming. Don’t complicate the wintry weather by avoiding simple maintenance and defense procedures to protect your home.

Water expands when it freezes. If it freezes inside your pipes it could expand and burst the pipe causing enormous damage. Stay ahead of the freezing and thawing by being vigilant and prepared.

  • Drain water from outdoor faucets and yard irrigation systems.
  • Disconnect and store hoses.
  • Cover outdoor faucets with foam insulators.
  • Use foam pipe insulation on any pipes located in unheated areas.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks that are located on an outside wall.
  • Keep the thermostat set at a steady temperature both day and night.
  • Let water trickle through indoor faucets to keep the water moving.
  • Know where all your shut-off valves are, including the main shut-off, and how to operate them.

    Avoid ice dams.

    Ice dams can form at the lower edge of your sloped roof when interior heat causes the snow to melt and refreeze. Once an ice dam forms, it blocks water from draining off the roof and forces the water inside, which can cause serious damage to your home’s interior.



    • Ensure your attic is properly ventilated and nicely insulated to minimize the amount of heat rising through the attic.
    • Inspect your home for air leaks in the ceiling so warm air doesn’t leak into the attic. Doing so will not only prevent ice dams from forming, it will limit cold air drafts inside and reduce energy bills.

Prepare for the worst, prepare for the January Freeze and avoid damage that can be disastrous.