Indoor Outdoor Lighting
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With clocks turned back and deprived of the assist of daylight-saving time, it is noticeably darker during the normal working day especially late afternoon. It is the perfect time to consider the lighting inside and outside your home.

In addition to creating a welcoming glow and providing adequate wattage to work in your office or the kitchen, lighting fixtures can date or update a room or a whole house. Replacing light fixtures and bulbs can alone give a new fresh look to your home.

Replacing bulbs with LED’s will not only provide more illumination, but one LED bulb will last the equivalent of 42 incandescent bulbs. LED’s providing 50,000 hours of light will use 500 kilowatt hours of electricity. Incandescent bulbs will use 3,000 for the same number of hours. The higher initial price of the LED bulb is off-set by the savings in the number of incandescent bulbs you will have to buy, and the amount of electricity used. Pay attention to KELVINS when purchasing your new bulbs. It is the measurement of color of the light source. A “warm” color is 2000 to 3500 Kelvins and emits a softer warm color. In a work area 5000K may be desired to get a white temperature sometimes called “daylight”.

Replacing dated or generic fixtures with a trendy fixture can transform a room. The new industrial, dark iron or mid-century look will blend with almost any décor. Choose a focal point to try a new look. A sputnik pendant over the kitchen table or several oil-rubbed bronze and gold pendants over a kitchen island will give the room new life and good light.