Did You Know?

Staging your home for showings during the holidays can be a fine balancing act. You want to enjoy the season with the decorations you are accustomed to and traditions that your family enjoys. But you cannot overwhelm a buyer with too many personal and ornamental things or they are unable to see the house or imagine themselves in it.

Say welcome with a wreath on the door.
A simple lush wreath on the door is enough of a welcome. A blow-up Santa using a noisy air compressor on the lawn should stay in storage.

One tree is enough.
Find the perfect spot to display a tree and keep the size balanced with the area. Simple small lights and generic ornaments are much better than a themed tree that pay homage to an interest or experience your family has.

Decorate the mantle.
If you have a fireplace, a simple garland with ornaments or hanging stockings will be just right. Put the pictures of pets with Santa Paws up, but put the string of Christmas cards received away during showings. Keep it simple and uncluttered so the potential buyers and see the mantle.

Smell the cookies.
Baking a pan of cookies using a tube of ready-made dough, 30 minutes before a showing, will fill the house with cheer and hide minor smells that may turn buyers off.

Hear the songs.
Playing Christmas carols on LOW VOLUME in the kitchen or living room of your home will complete the simple but effective holiday staging.

Keep it simple for showings during the holidays to find a buyer who simply can’t resist.