First Day of School
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It is hard to believe summer vacation is over and the first day of school will soon to be here.  Monday, August 19th marks the first day of school for the Twin Falls public schools, as other area schools also begin the 2019/2020 school year.

The Twin Falls Police Department urges drivers to SLOW DOWN and remember:

  • OBEY all school zone speed limits and crossing guards (most school zones are 20 mph).
  • STOP for school buses that are loading and unloading students with stop signs out.
  • LOOKOUT for children walking or riding bikes darting into the street.
  • BUCKLE UP everyone in the car when transporting your kids to school.

Allow extra time in the morning for the first few weeks of school.  Children are one of our most valuable assets within our communities.  Help to keep them safe.

Learn about the drop-off policy. Find out about the policy for parents walking children into the classroom and how long you can stay. If you anticipate that your child will need extra time to adjust, talk to the teacher before school starts, if you can.

Describe what will happen on the first day. Keep in mind that a child starting school for the first time or going to a new school may have a hard time imagining what it will be like (You’ve been to school before, but they haven’t.) “Talking about the basic sequence of the day will help your child make a mental movie of what to expect. Kids form pictures in their minds, and reviewing the process in detail will make things more familiar and less scary on the first day of school,” advises Diane Levin, Ph.D., Professor of Education at Wheelock College.  Plan ahead how you will say goodbye. Think about what your child needs in a goodbye. What will be most helpful: a quick goodbye, or five minutes of cuddle time with you?

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”-Igbo and Yoruba Proverb