Farmer’s Almanac Predictions
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Farmer’s Almanac 2019 or specifically, The Old Farmers Almanac founded by Robert B. Thomas and published annually since 1792.  The Almanac is released the first Tuesday in September preceding the year on its cover.  Considered a reference guide for weather forecasts, gardening and planting charts and basic trends for living.

“As sure as the Sun rises and sets, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is back! A comforting constant in a changing world, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been going strong for 227 years by focusing on what’s useful, timeless, tried, and true. The 2019 edition continues this tradition with all-new information on gardening, food, home, and weather, along with life advice that’s practical but doesn’t take itself (too) seriously. “[source]

Heavily used by farmers (hence its name) in the initial 150 years of its existence, to plan the planting and harvesting times for their crops and gardens, in more recent years it has become a quirky fun publication to find recipes, interesting daily trivia and trends.  Still offering predictions of frost dates and moon dates, planting guides, recipes with an online presence  at , the Old Farmer’s Almanac also offers solutions to common problems around your home and yard.

The current Almanac weather prediction for Idaho in May 2019, included in the “Intermountain” area of the U.S. map:

  • May 1-10 Showers, cold north; sunny, warm south
  • May 11-17 Isolated showers; cool north, warm south
  • May 18-31 Isolated T-storms; cool north, sunny warm south
  • temperature, 57.5°
  • precipitation .5”

Although the weather predictions are only about 50% accurate, the Almanac is a fun publication to read with useful information for your home and family.

Farmer’s Almanac 2019