Did You Know?
Fall Listings, Better Odds

If you think you have missed the time of year to list and sell your home…you may be wrong. Although the popular time to contemplate selling is spring and summer in most markets, it turns out fall is the second most productive time to list and sell a property.

Fall listing usually finds the inventory depleted, so the competition is restrained with a more muted selling climate and it allows buyers and sellers to get what they want without the pressure to make quick decisions as it may in the spring and summer.

For any time of year, preparing your property to be listed means preparing it to look its best.

Curb appeal is the new Web Appeal. Having an immediate presence on the internet is crucial. Photos are now creating the first impressions for interested buyers.

Closets should be half empty. That means working hard to declutter and either get rid of excess stuff, packing it away in the garage, or renting a storage unit while the property is actively on the market.

The first two weeks on the market are crucial. The listing price should be solid and supportable. It is no time to “test” the market or to think that a “reduced” sign will not be harmful to achieving full market price for your property.

Don’t wait for spring to list your property if you are ready now. There are advantages to listing any time of year and Lezamiz Real Estate Co. knows how to utilize all seasons for the best outcome and top dollar.