Curb Appeal When Selling a Home Part 2
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Curb appeal when selling a home property starts with cleaning and de-cluttering your yard and exterior.   Keep vehicles in the garage or parked neatly in a parking spot.  Toys and bicycles should always be put away.  Buyers can book a showing or cross the property off their list, just by first impressions at the curb.

Lighting.  If outside lighting exists, make sure fixtures are in working order and all bulbs match in Kelvin color.  Kelvin is the color and intensity of the light produced by bulbs.  It varies in intensity from warm low to daylight bright.  Making sure all bulbs match in Kelvin creates a much more cohesive and inviting entrance.  Update Now Pay Later can always help with the interior of you home, lighting, new floors, fixing those leaky faucets, all kinds of things so be sure to ask about it.

Lighting fixtures.  Make sure the fixtures themselves are clean and in good working order.  Fixtures can be easily and inexpensively replaced with an updated look available at big box home improvement stores.

Potted plant with color.  A bit of color at the front door will complete the invitation to look inside.  One pot or a pair of live flowering plants is usually enough.  Be sure not to encroach on the space available for standing at the front door.  More is not always best.  Keep them in good health.  Dead and bedraggled plants can kill an otherwise good curb appeal.

House numbers.  Another easy and inexpensive way to update and freshen the entrance area.

 Mailbox.  Make sure the mailbox, whether at the front door or at the curb, is in good repair. Ensure it blends with the overall appearance and look of the house.  Save any cutesy ideas or team loyalty declarations for your new home.