Curb Appeal 1
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Memorial Day weekend has become the unofficial signal of the official beginning of summer. Schools are recessing, graduations are being celebrated and moving vans populate the roads. It is a time of change for many people.

Along with this season of change, a very active real estate market kicks into high gear. The activity can be intense, and it is crucial to be prepared if selling your home is in your plan.

With almost all first impressions being created by internet browsing, it is imperative to win at least a showing of your property by prospective buyers. Making sure the curb appeal 1 of your property is fresh and inviting will go a long way to finding a quick sale.

Clean the yard. Grass trimmed, and shrubs manicured. Toys stowed in the garage or storage area. Showing a clean and inviting outdoor space cannot be stressed enough.

House numbers. It is easy and inexpensive to replace house numbers with new ones. Make sure they are noticeable and stay with the style of the house.

Light fixtures. Replacing the light fixtures with by the entrance door will not only freshen the appearance but keeping outside lighting on through the evening extends your drive-by appeal.

Entrance door. Make sure the entrance door is in good repair and freshly painted or finished. A new welcoming accent color that blends with the siding of your home, makes a huge statement. Get help from your local paint store for creative color choices.

Garage doors. The biggest return on investment is still the garage door and front entrance door. If the garage door is accessed and visible at the front of the house, it now becomes a substantial part of your front landscape. Make sure it in perfect repair and consider adding or changing some panels to enhance the look.