Buyers’ Most Important Rooms
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As we enter the busiest and most important real estate buying and selling period of the year, it is worth noting some important statistics gathered by the National Association of Realtors®.

Upon collecting feedback from buyers’ agents, the following is a list of the most important rooms to stage and present well to buyers for the best first impression.

Living room or great roomUsually the first room to enter and the room most-used in a home. Any showing will be served well by taking the time and effort to de-clutter, clean and spruce up this very important area, creating a positive first impression.

Master bedroomSomewhat surprising as the second most important area to spend extra time staging.  Increasingly, a sanctuary for home owners with busy lives and families, buyers are interested in the master bedroom and bath.

KitchenThe all-important kitchen is the third most important room, according to agents.  In the past the kitchen may have been first on this list.  Changing life styles and how families live have shifted the kitchen to the third spot.

Along with the three most important rooms to stage well, agents also recommended the top three improvements to execute for showings.

  • declutter
  • entire home deep cleaning
  • remove pets during showings