Video Doorbells

In 2019 we are closer and closer to achieving the “Jetsons” lifestyle. The Jetsons, an animated show aired in the early 60’s, was the family of the future. Back then it was laughable to think we would ever have some of the inventions they lived with. But in fact, the Jetsons lifestyle is becoming reality in bits and pieces.

One of the best affordable smart home devices currently on the market, is video doorbells. A video doorbell is easily installed by changing out an existing doorbell and using home Wi-Fi to broadcast real-time video to your smart phone. There are battery operated video doorbells if existing hard wiring is impossible.

With built-in night vision, on-demand video and instant alerts that go to your phone, tablet or PC, monitoring your property is now achievable from literally anywhere. Checking activity and knowing exactly when packages are delivered or when children come home or visitors have arrived, goes a long way toward the safety of your home and property.

Priced from $99 and up depending on features, a video doorbell is a good first step in making your home a smart home and living like the Jetsons.