‘Tis the Season

It may not be ideal to think of listing your home during the holidays, but the known advantages are less competition and highly motivated buyers.  So, if it works for you, discuss listing with your agent and then follow some well-given advice from Realtor.com.

Less is more.  A phrase made famous by architect Mies van der Rohe in 1947, referring to minimalist design.  A still-current way to show a home especially at Christmas.  Keep it simple and let just one or two decorations be your holiday cheer.

Maybe not a tree.  Unless your home has a perfect place for a tree that does not make the space seem smaller for its presence, consider using a wreath or greenery swag along a fireplace mantle if you have one, rather than a space consuming tree.  Decorating a wall or mantle is just as effective and draws attention to a fireplace without shrinking the floor space.

A few lights outside enhances the curb appeal.  Again, less is more with outside lights.  Outside lights don’t inhibit the space like a lighted tree inside and gives a cheery first impression.  If there is room to have a lighted planter at the door or a door wreath, all the merrier.

Subtle holiday smells.  Very subtle smells that are not offensive to anyone.  Baking cookies or bread, or a cinnamon-spice smell if it isn’t too strong.  Stay away from fake sprays or heavy odors.  It can backfire if someone has allergies.

Planning in advance and decorating your home with simple decorations allows you to enjoy the holidays and sell your home too.