1. Borders. Idaho shares a border with Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and the country of Canada.
2. Smurf Turf. The Boise State Broncos is home to the world’s only BLUE football field. It is lovingly referred to as Smurf Turf https://varsityb.boisestate.edu/see-blue/.
3. Lentils. Idaho is home to The Lentil Capital of the World in Moscow (Idaho that is).
4. Hops. Elk Mountain Farms is the largest hops farm in the world and produces hops for Anheuser-Busch on 1800 acres of land in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
5. Rivers. There are 3,100 miles of rivers in Idaho. More than any other state.
6. Fishing. BEWARE! It is illegal in Idaho to fish while sitting on the back of a camel or giraffe.
7. State Seal. The Idaho State Seal is the only one in the country that was designed by a woman, Emma Edwards Green.
8. Heaven and Hell. Heaven’s Gate is situated on the boundary of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.
9. Carbonated Springs. Soda Springs is a group of thousands of natural carbonated springs in the area of Soda Springs, Idaho.
10. Fosbury Flop. A high-jump technique invented by Dick Fosbury when competing in the high jump at Ketchum, Idaho high school. See it here: Fosbury Flop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SlVLyNixqU