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10 Fun Facts About Idaho

by Sid Lezamiz

1. Borders. Idaho shares a border with Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and the country of Canada.
2. Smurf Turf. The Boise State Broncos is home to the world’s only BLUE football field. It is lovingly referred to as Smurf Turf
3. Lentils. Idaho is home to The Lentil Capital of the World in Moscow (Idaho that is).
4. Hops. Elk Mountain Farms is the largest hops farm in the world and produces hops for Anheuser-Busch on 1800 acres of land in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
5. Rivers. There are 3,100 miles of rivers in Idaho. More than any other state.
6. Fishing. BEWARE! It is illegal in Idaho to fish while sitting on the back of a camel or giraffe.
7. State Seal. The Idaho State Seal is the only one in the country that was designed by a woman, Emma Edwards Green.
8. Heaven and Hell. Heaven’s Gate is situated on the boundary of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.
9. Carbonated Springs. Soda Springs is a group of thousands of natural carbonated springs in the area of Soda Springs, Idaho.
10. Fosbury Flop. A high-jump technique invented by Dick Fosbury when competing in the high jump at Ketchum, Idaho high school. See it here: Fosbury Flop

Realtor Listing versus FISBO

by Sid Lezamiz

Early spring is historically a popular time to buy and sell real estate. Add to this U.S. mortgage rates falling to a 10-month low this past week, and if selling in 2019 is in your plans, now is the best time to actively plan and prepare to sell your home.

For Sale by Owner listings, also known as FISBO’s, are an option to traditional listing with licensed real estate firms. But some of the hard facts about listing your own property versus listing with a licensed realtor may give pause to reconsider.

Commissions. Some home owners only look at this one item. However, the truth of the matter is the average selling price of properties listed with realtors is a whopping 15% more than the average selling price of a For Sale by Owner. It isn’t hard to compute you will gross more money by listing with a professional, even when considering paying a commission.

Finding a buyer. A realtor has many contacts, leads, and multiple sources of advertising listings. A FISBO will have to generate interest in the property by a sign in the yard and maybe newspaper or online listings. Statistically only 10% of buyers find the house they buy, by seeing a sign in the yard.

Showings. It is hard enough to have your home in tip-top shape and ready for buyers to view. If you now must be available to show the home to prospective buyers, the time commitment is extreme. In addition to the time commitment some buyers find it very uncomfortable to deal directly with a homeowner.

Mounds of paper work. Disclosures, inspections, legal filings. Completing and filing all required documents is intense and demands intimate knowledge of state and local real estate laws.

The most important stage of a new listing is the initial few weeks it enters the market. Getting it exactly right the first time, is the precursor to a successful sale. Hiring a professional makes the most sense.

Smart House Smart Home

by Sid Lezamiz

Smart House Smart Home

Setting up your house to be a Smart Home may be easier than you think. If it seems overwhelming and complicated to you now, do a little research and start simply with a main controller. Add functions as you learn about what is available and which products will be useful to you.

The three most popular and developed products currently on the market are:

  •  Amazon’s Alexa
  •  Google’s Assistant
  •  Apple’s Siri

For instance, starting with an Amazon Dot. It is a small speaker that you link to your home internet connection and Amazon account. The dot alone will provide you with voice-activated access to almost any information you can find on the internet. The dot knows you are talking to it by always starting with the name “Alexa” followed by your question or command. For example: Alexa, what is the weather forecast? Or Alexa, set a 3-minute timer. Or Alexa, play easy-listening music.

Working with this main “manager” you can install an Alexa app on your smart phone and pick and choose from an abundance of add-on products that you can control through Alexa Dot at home or on your phone app when away.

Smart Homes can control lighting, heating and cooling, security cameras, front door and health status for elderly just to name a few.

Snow Skiing in Southern Idaho

by Sid Lezamiz

Snow Skiing in Southern Idaho

Add to the list of great amenities of living in Magic Valley, Idaho, that of family-friendly, easy access and affordable snow skiing.

Close to Twin Falls and an easy day trip are two ski areas that provide skiing and snowboarding along with equipment rental and lessons. Magic Mountain, Kimberly, Idaho and Soldier Mountain, Fairfield, Idaho (previously owned by Bruce Willis) are smaller than larger resorts located in Sun Valley, Idaho or Deer Valley, Utah, but with ticket prices to reflect. Soldier Mountain lift tickets are less than half of bigger resorts in Idaho, Utah and Colorado, while lift tickets for Magic Mountain are less than one third.

Magic Mountain offers snow tubing on weekends. A fun family activity in addition to skiing and boarding.

If you are an expert skier and crave backcountry challenges, Soldier Mountain offers a unique experience in their Cat Scratch. Transported by snow cat and supplied with individual safety equipment, the cat skiing area is a large easterly facing bowl that collects snow and holds it between storms. Allowing each skier to choose their own ski lines and to explore the dedicated area, it promises to be a memorable experience.

Prepare to List

by Sid Lezamiz

Prepare to List

In a matter of weeks, the typically prime buying and selling months for real estate will arrive. If selling your home is in your plan for this year, now is the time to buckle down and organize your home.

Preparing to sell your home isn’t just about researching Realtors® and signing a listing agreement. You need to have your property in tip top shape. Even well-maintained, fresh and tidy homes may need some extra attention before opening doors to scrutinizing buyers.

Clean, clean, clean. Walking into a home that looks clean and smells clean is a powerful and lasting first impression. It immediately emanates pride of ownership. A perfectly clean and orderly home will be off the list of a buyer if a funky odor is what they remember. Don’t perfume or mask an existing odor. Find the source and fix it.

Light. Use every option to create a well-lit and sunny home. Drapes and blinds open to let natural light in through clean windows. Taking off the screens while showing creates an even clearer light source. If showing in the evening be sure all lamps and light fixtures are on before buyers walk in. Not only is a lit home welcoming from the inside but is very welcoming from the outside.

Tidy rooms and closets. Clutter makes rooms look smaller and distracts from any features your home may have. Box up and store excess clutter or sell, donate or trash it now. When your home sells the packing is that much easier.

Make repairs. Be a detective and find every dripping faucet and every squeaky door. You get used to the small deferred-maintenance issues in your home, but they will be loud and clear to a buyer.

Preparing your home to list is a big project. Start now and be fully ready for listing. It will take a lot of the stress out of selling process.

New Colors for 2019

by Sid Lezamiz

New Colors for 2019

Every year the major paint manufacturers present their custom colors predicting how home owners and fashionistas will be using color in the coming year. It may not always be the fad that takes off, but it is interesting and a place to look if freshening up your home with paint is on the agenda. Offering a wide range this year are the following “Color of the Year” choices with the manufacturer’s description.

Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan (AF-690) a cool gray emanates nuance, harmony and extravagant ease. Always adaptable, it softens to matte or shimmers with sheen. It's neutral. It's understated. It just is. This is color, “off-duty."

Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay (SW 7701) warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots. Cavern Clay is a nod to midcentury modern style, but with the soul of the American Southwest, which together creates a desert modern aesthetic.

Pantone: Living Coral (Pantone 16-1546) is an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

Behr: Blueprint (S 470-5) an honest, approachable color that conjures up the blueprints builders rely on to bring architectural designs to life. Blueprint creates a space where you can build your own re-imagined life, where awareness of what we want to build for ourselves can transform into action.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

by Sid Lezamiz

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.

To a friend, your heart.

To a customer, service.

To all, charity.

To every child, a good example.

To yourself, respect. -Oren Arnold

All of us at Lezamiz Real Estate join in sending Best Wishes for a
Joyous Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!


by Sid Lezamiz


Nothing screams Christmas like a poinsettia plant. Part of the Euphorbiaceous botanical family, poinsettias were introduced to the United States by Joel Roberts Poinsett a botanist, physician and the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.

In Mexico the poinsettia is considered a shrub growing 10 to 15 feet tall and at one time was even considered a weed. Traditionally red, poinsettias are now available in over 100 different varieties and colors. Recent research has proved poinsettias are not poisonous, as believed to be for many years. Poinsettia Day is December 12th, honoring Joel Roberts Poinsett who died on that day in 1851.

No Christmas tree. No problem. A large or multiple poinsettia plants can be a beautiful way to add Christmas decoration to your home instead of a Christmas tree. Using poinsettias is especially effective to save space and keep rooms visually open if you are selling your home.

Simple and easy centerpiece. Small poinsettia plants lining the middle of your dining table is an easy way to create a Christmas centerpiece. They can later serve as a small gift for each family or guest to take home.

Parties. A brightly colored poinsettia plant is a perfect hostess gift to take to holiday parties.

Follow advice for light and watering found with poinsettia plants when purchasing and enjoy the color and charm for the holidays and beyond.

Holiday Safety

by Sid Lezamiz

Holiday Safety

We are into high gear for the holiday season. Preparing for holiday parties, get-togethers and family dinners. All the celebrations and fun will be upended if safety isn’t the highest consideration.

Holiday cooking. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and injuries. Set timers, supervise kids in the kitchen and be sure everyone is aware of hot surfaces or hot equipment. Use timers that continue to alert after the set time has been reached.

Christmas trees. Fresh trees and wreaths should be monitored for freshness and never allowed to dry out. Water trees daily and check for freshness by touching the needles for subtleness. Remove away from your house any trees or natural greenery that has dried out.

Candles. Place candles in a non-flammable holder. Never burn candles near anything flammable. Once lit and burning do not move the candle without extinguishing it first. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave an empty room with a burning candle.

Fireplaces. Have your chimney checked for creosote buildup and cleaned if needed. Always have a screen in front of burning logs, both wood or gas. Keep a window cracked open for fresh air and ventilation. Keep children away from the fireplace. Remember embers can remain hot without smoking or glowing.
Make safety in your home #1 on your holiday list this year.

'Tis the Season

by Sid Lezamiz

‘Tis the Season

It may not be ideal to think of listing your home during the holidays, but the known advantages are less competition and highly motivated buyers.  So, if it works for you, discuss listing with your agent and then follow some well-given advice from

Less is more.  A phrase made famous by architect Mies van der Rohe in 1947, referring to minimalist design.  A still-current way to show a home especially at Christmas.  Keep it simple and let just one or two decorations be your holiday cheer.

Maybe not a tree.  Unless your home has a perfect place for a tree that does not make the space seem smaller for its presence, consider using a wreath or greenery swag along a fireplace mantle if you have one, rather than a space consuming tree.  Decorating a wall or mantle is just as effective and draws attention to a fireplace without shrinking the floor space.

A few lights outside enhances the curb appeal.  Again, less is more with outside lights.  Outside lights don’t inhibit the space like a lighted tree inside and gives a cheery first impression.  If there is room to have a lighted planter at the door or a door wreath, all the merrier.

Subtle holiday smells.  Very subtle smells that are not offensive to anyone.  Baking cookies or bread, or a cinnamon-spice smell if it isn’t too strong.  Stay away from fake sprays or heavy odors.  It can backfire if someone has allergies.

Planning in advance and decorating your home with simple decorations allows you to enjoy the holidays and sell your home too.

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