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Curb Appeal When Selling

by Sid Lezamiz

Curb Appeal When Selling

The thing about first impressions is there is only one shot at it. A first impression only happens once, the first time a potential buyer sees your property. It is why it is so important to prepare your home to present at its best before actively showing your home to buyers.

There is no substitute for good old elbow grease. Clean, de-clutter and clean again. The most modest of properties can look inviting by being clean, uncluttered and bright.

A first impression always starts at the curb. Maybe just a drive-by to see if it is worth making an appointment with the listing agent to view the interior.

Yard. The grass must be kept cut and trimmed. Consider contracting with a lawn service to maintain your yard while your home is on the market. Not only will it always look good, but it will be one less chore to worry about.

Power wash. A good power washing of the exterior of the house along with the hard-surfaced walkways and driveway will make a big difference. Not only will you clean the brick or siding but knock down any insect nests and spider webs.

Clean windows. After power washing, windows will need to be cleaned in order to be streak-free and let the light into the house.

Front door. Make sure the front door is clean and fresh and in good repair. A coat of paint in a tasteful color will complete a neat and tidy fresh look.

‘Tis the Season for Farmers Markets

by Sid Lezamiz

‘Tis the Season for Farmers Markets

Discover the fun and goodness of local farmers markets this summer and fall. It isn’t just fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and meat products. There is so much more. Baked goods, country decor, fresh flowers and plants, music, fun stuff for kids. The benefits for the farmers and the consumer are many.

Taste the deliciousness of ripened in the field fruits and vegetables. No early harvest to allow for transporting and storing and delivery. Field to the table is as fresh as it gets.

Recipes. Try new recipes to enjoy each seasons bounty.

Support the local agri-businesses.

Protect our land and environment.

Nourish your body with fresh delicious nutrients.

Check local listings as each area has different days and times. You can likely piece together a full week of scheduled farmers markets.

Twin Falls Farmers Market, North College Road, Twin Falls. Saturdays 9 AM – 1 PM

Downtown Twin Falls Farmers Market, Main Ave., Twin Falls. Saturdays 9 AM – 1 PM

Movies Shot in Idaho

by Sid Lezamiz

Movies Shot in Idaho

Idaho has stunning scenery and unique spots along with long summer days providing daylight until 10 P.M. Perfect for the movies. Filming movies that is. Beautiful locations and long working days provides an ideal fit for film makers.

Put these shot-in-Idaho films on your summer movie list.

Northwest Passage (1940). Filmed in McCall & Sandpoint. Starring Spencer Tracy and Robert Young.

Bus Stop (1956). Filmed in Sun Valley and Ketchum. Starring Marilyn Monroe.

Breakheart Pass (1975). Filmed in Lewiston. Starring Charles Bronson.

Heaven’s Gate (1980). Filmed in Wallace. Starring Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt and Sam Waterston.

Bronco Billy (1980). Filmed in Boise and area. Starring Clint Eastwood.

Dante’s Peak (1997). Filmed in Wallace. Starring Pierce Bronson.

Breakfast of Champions (1999). Filmed in Twin Falls. Starring Bruce Willis and Nick Nolte.

Town and Country (2001). Filmed in Sun Valley. Starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004). Filmed in Preston and Franklin. Starring Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez.

Magic Valley (2011). Filmed in Twin Falls. Starring Scott Glen, Kyle Gallner and Allison Elliott.

Video Doorbells

by Sid Lezamiz

Video Doorbells

In 2019 we are closer and closer to achieving the “Jetsons” lifestyle. The Jetsons, an animated show aired in the early 60’s, was the family of the future. Back then it was laughable to think we would ever have some of the inventions they lived with. But in fact, the Jetsons lifestyle is becoming reality in bits and pieces.

One of the best affordable smart home devices currently on the market, is video doorbells. A video doorbell is easily installed by changing out an existing doorbell and using home Wi-Fi to broadcast real-time video to your smart phone. There are battery operated video doorbells if existing hard wiring is impossible.

With built-in night vision, on-demand video and instant alerts that go to your phone, tablet or PC, monitoring your property is now achievable from literally anywhere. Checking activity and knowing exactly when packages are delivered or when children come home or visitors have arrived, goes a long way toward the safety of your home and property.

Priced from $99 and up depending on features, a video doorbell is a good first step in making your home a smart home and living like the Jetsons.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

by Sid Lezamiz

Old Idaho Penitentiary

With school vacation just around the corner, finding family summer activities that are fun and educational are plentiful in Idaho.

Under the umbrella of Idaho State Historical Society, a quirky idea is a family road trip to the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise. Opened in 1872, the penitentiary housed some of Idaho’s and the West’s most notorious criminals for over 100 years.

With thirty buildings including cell blocks, Solitary Confinement and Gallows, it is a museum to explore, pretend and learn about history.

Exhibits include:

      • Faces of the Idaho State Penitentiary- New exhibit featuring inmate faces from 50 states and 45 countries
      • WWI Idaho Forestry Soldiers
      • Crafty Cons- craft projects made by inmates
      • Marked Men- the history, method and meaning of tattooing
      • The Women’s Ward

Summer hours (Memorial Day through Labor Day), Monday – Sunday, 10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Housing Trends 2019

by Sid Lezamiz

Housing Trends 2019

According to Realtor® Magazine the emerging trends for housing in 2019 are still closely tied to affordability and finances. But who lives in those homes and the amenities in the home is changing.

There is still a lack of affordable housing inventory. Millennials strapped with education debt and Hispanics an important group that is buying real estate, both are doing so with less purchasing power than the average buyer. Millennials have 19 percent less buying power and Hispanics have 12% less.

Repeat buyers are older. The average age of repeat buyers is 55. In 1981 the average age was 36. First time buyers age is fairly constant at 32, but the marital status has changed to include 18 percent single women and 16% unmarried couples.

Parenthood is down. Care for pets and aging parents is up. Birthrates are down with 2.4 births per woman. In the 1960’s that figure was 4.7. The percentage of home buyers in the U.S. with children is 34%. Housing for pets and multigenerational family living is an upward trending statistic.

Ownership in one home is getting longer. The length of ownership in a specific home averaged 6 years in 2008. Today it is averaging 9 to 10 years.

Buyers want staged homes. Referred to as the TV effect, staging is becoming increasingly important as buyers watch and expect the results they see on the many shows currently televised.

Home ownership is still the American Dream. Nine out of ten currently non-homeowners still view baseball, apple pie and owning a home the American Dream.

Maintenance Skills for Homeowners

by Sid Lezamiz

Maintenance Skills for Homeowners

Maintaining your home by constantly repairing and replacing parts of it when needed, is the most cost-effective way to hold its value while living in a home that looks good and functions well. Learning and using some basic skills as a homeowner will go a long way to keeping it that way.

Clean the gutters. Leaves, dirt and debris builds up in gutters and alters the rain flow which can create moisture inside the house and foundation. Clean gutters twice a year in the spring and fall.

Circuit breaker. Learn how to reset a circuit breaker. It is as easy as knowing where the panel is in your home and knowing how to reset, which normally is finding the errant breaker and simply turning the switch to “ON”. Have your electrician teach you if you are not confident.

Turning off the water supply. Know where and how to turn off the main water supply. Sometimes a special tool is needed. Find its location and make sure you can turn it off. Being able to locate and turn off water quickly can save damage to your home in the case of frozen pipes or an appliance that is malfunctioning.

Fixing drywall holes and dings. Learn how to fill nail holes and dings in your walls. Have a small tub of prepared drywall mud and a small putty knife with your tools. Filling nail holes after moving pictures or dings from kids or furniture moving will keep walls looking pristine.

You can find easy directions to all these tasks and many others on YouTube with video and step by step directions.

Keeping your home in good repair is the first step in holding its value.

Farmer's Almanac Predictions

by Sid Lezamiz

Farmer’s Almanac Predictions
Specifically, The Old Farmers Almanac founded by Robert B. Thomas and published annually since 1792. The Almanac is released the first Tuesday in September preceding the year on its cover. Considered a reference guide for weather forecasts, gardening and planting charts and basic trends for living.

Heavily used by farmers (hence its name) in the initial 150 years of its existence, to plan the planting and harvesting times for their crops and gardens, in more recent years it has become a quirky fun publication to find recipes, interesting daily trivia and trends. Still offering predictions of frost dates and moon dates, planting guides, recipes with an online presence at , the Old Farmer’s Almanac also offers solutions to common problems around your home and yard.

The current Almanac weather prediction for Idaho in May 2019, included in the “Intermountain” area of the U.S. map:

          • May 1-10 Showers, cold north; sunny, warm south
          • May 11-17 Isolated showers; cool north, warm south
          • May 18-31 Isolated T-storms; cool north, sunny warm south
          • temperature, 57.5°
          • precipitation .5”

Although the weather predictions are only about 50% accurate, the Almanac is a fun publication to read with useful information for your home and family.

Buying in 2019

by Sid Lezamiz

Who is Buying in 2019

Considering data gathered from closings and public filings,® has revealed some interesting facts that may be helpful if you are planning on buying or selling a property in the near future.

 As would be expected the age group that is now most active in homebuying is the population born between 1981- 1996 and are currently aged 22-37 years old. The older of the millennials has started families, established jobs and are finally buying homes. The millennials strapped with huge educational debt have been slow to become active in the housing market.

Single Women                                                                                                                                         Single women comprise the largest demographic of home buyers other than married couples. They are responsible for 17% of U.S. homebuying. Single men accounted for only 7%.

Hispanics                                                                                                                                             During 2017 Hispanic homebuyers accounted for 15% of homes sold in the U.S. Mostly in the states of Texas, Florida and California their influence in the housing market has recently been noted also in the states of Iowa, Kansas and Utah.

Knowing your buyer and preparing and staging your home to appeal to todays buyer is key to a successful and quick sale.

Days on the Market

by Sid Lezamiz

Days on the Market

With the abundance of property information available at the fingertips of buyers on the internet, one of the most-used pieces of information when looking at listings is days on the market.

Just as the heading declares, it gives buyers a quick and easy glance as to how many days a property has been listed with no sale. Markets vary, but a general rule of thumb by real estate agents is a listing goes stale at around 30 days.

Buyers use the days on the market information to immediately determine the possibilities of pricing. If they are interested in the property it signals an opportunity to present a lower than listing price offer. In most markets a stale listing will usually require a reduction or correction in price to revive and generate new interest and visibility. Sometimes multiple corrections if the initial listing price was too far off the market value.

Correcting the price after a listing goes stale signposts a downward trend and often results in disappointing results. The importance of succinct pricing at market value is clear. Trying a higher than market listing price for even a short amount of time will quickly add days on the market and funnel the listing to a stale with price correction listing.

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